King Island Hospital – Currie

Category – Under $1,500,000
Job Type – Ventilation and air conditioning
Description – VRF air conditioning, hydronic heating, BMS, Energy Recovery Ventilation, kitchen exhaust.
Manufacturer – Daikin

Anglicare Burnie

Category – Under $200,000
Job Type – Office air conditioning
Description – Heat Recovery VRV ducted and ceiling cassette, ERV toilet exhaust system and fresh air ventilation.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric, Armcor

Intuit – Hobart

Category – Under $300,000
Job Type – Thermal plant upgrade
Thermal plant upgrade to 2 x 180 kW inverter reverse cycle chillers and variable speed primary only pumping.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric

Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre

Category – Under $400,000
Description – Heat recovery VRV ducted air conditioning, Co2 controlled fresh air ventilation, Hydronic floor heating.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric and Reliable Controls BMS

Midlands Health Centre

Category – Under $300,000
Job Type – Health care air conditioning
Description – Hybrid VRF airconditioning
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric

SRT Brighton

Category – Under $200,000
Job Type – Electrical
Description – Electrical installation of 500 kW refrigeration system within milk storage facility.

Glenara Lakes Launceston

Category – Under $1,500,000
Job Type – Aged care air conditioning
Description – 112 zone heat recovery VRV ducted and ceiling cassette air conditioning including structural steel plant deck.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric

Target Launceston

Category – Under $500,000
Job Type – shopping centre air conditioning
Description – Design and retrofit of existing air conditioning within target Launceston with rooftop packaged units and BMS.
Manufacturer – Actron Air

Stubbs Construction – Parklands High School Burnie

Category – Under $750,00
Job Type – Ventilation and Air conditining
Description – Split system air conditioning, energy recovery ventilation, toilet exhaust, fresh air ventilation, kitchen exhaust.
Manufacturer – Daikin, Armcor, Actron Air

Swell Wellbeing Centre – Smithton

Category – Under $1,000,000
Job Type – Pool facility mechanical services
Description – Multi-split air conditioning and ventilation, HRV Ventilation, Hydronic heating and BMS
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric, Airchange and Reliable Controls

45 Murray Street Hobart

Category – Under $1,000,000
Job Type – Mechanical services upgrade
Description – Retrofit of 11 story office air conditioning and ventilation.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric

United Service Station Brighton

Category – Under $200,000
Job Type – Commercial air conditioning and ventilation
Description – Supply and installation of rooftop packaged air conditioning.
Manufacturer – Actron Air

National Storage Montrose

Category – Under $200,000
Job Type – Commercial air conditioning and ventilation
Description – Supply and install air conditioning, ventilation, and BMS in storage facility.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric, Reliable Controls

East Coaster Resort Orford

Category – Under $500,000
Job Type – Air conditioning
Description – Installation of hotel air conditioning and pool ventilation with central control.
Manufacturer – Mitsubishi Electric

Port Cygnet Grocer

Category – Under $50,000
Job Type – Refrigeration – Display fridge
Description – Design, supply and installation of medium temp display fridge cabinet and variable speed condensing units.
Manufacturer – Patton inc, Danfos, Carel

MAIB Launceston

Category – Under $50,000
Job Type – Building Management System (BMS) upgrade
Description – Replacement of existing BMS with new Tridium based BMS.