Efficiency, reliability and dependable servicing.

• Ducted Split Systems
• Mulit-Head Air conditioning
• Central Plant Air Conditioning
• Packaged units
• Heat Recovery Air conditioning
• Chilled water Systems

Many air conditioning contractors are happy to install equipment that will just “do the job.” At superheat, we look at things a little differently.

We evaluate the building, listen to your needs, designing a system that will pay for itself.

We want your mechanical system to be an asset rather than a liability. As a result, our systems are designed in such a way to reduce your power bills so much, that in many cases the system will pay for itself.

For that reason we have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to deliver Heat Recovery Air conditioning into Tasmania.

Don’t settle for second best, to find out more contact Superheat today.


Increased reliability and decreased power usage.

• Cool rooms
• Display Fridges
• Water Chillers
• Hydro Coolers
• Under Bench fridges
• Commercial Freezers

Superheat understand your business dependance on refrigeration.

We design, install and service refrigeration equipment throughout Hobart and surrounds.

Bringing value, fast response times and honest advice, this is why people keep coming back to Superheat for their Commercial refrigeration.

We specialise in power saving Equipment such as:
Electronic Expansion Valves
Variable Speed Compressor Drives
EC and Variable Speed Evaporator and Condenser fans
High efficiency refrigerants

These bring you increased reliability and decreased power usage.

Call Superheat to find out how we can increase your profits.


Design, build and install.

• Fresh Air Ventilation
• Toilet Exhaust Systems
• Heat Recovery exhaust
• Kitchen Exhaust
• Commercial Range Hoods
• Fume Cupboards

At Superheat we design, build and install Ventilation systems from Kitchen exhaust through to Heat Recovery Exhaust systems.

Don’t waste power by exhausting conditioned air and bringing in cold or hot air. Superheat install ventilated heat exchangers to reduce hot or cold air entering the building.

Superheat can engineer fresh air systems speed up and down based on actual CO2 levels within the building, saving you money by only introducing un-conditioned air when needed. Find out more by contacting Superheat today.


Save more than you spend

• Energy Monitoring
• Statutory Maintenance
• CO2 Monitoring
• Value Adding
• Cost analysis
• Air Balancing

Ensure your building is safe, compliant and efficient.

Preventative maintenance at superheat is a value adding service. We concentrate on value adding maintenance including Energy reporting, CO2 Monitoring and Data logging.

Discover what you mechanical services actually cost and where the savings can be made. All this is made possible through investments Superheat has made in Data logging equipment. Take advantage of this now and start saving!

Reduce breakdowns, meet building requirements, reduce costs.

At Superheat you will save more than you spend.


Quality work in mechanical services

• Water pumps
• Variable Speed Drives
• Building Management Systems
• System Auditing
• System Compliance
• New System Design

Superheat have experience in a large range of applications.

From Building Management Systems and Variable speed Drives to Defect Auditing and Building Compliance.
We install, service and maintain all areas of the Mechanical services industry throughout Tasmania.

For quality work in Mechanical services contact Superheat now.